How To Make New Friends After Retirement

When you leave the working world and move into the long awaited period of retirement, it can unfortunately have a negative impact on your social life. You may find that the majority of your social connections were with the people you worked with.

However, retirement now gives you the opportunity and free time to meet new people. Expanding your social life and building new friendships.

Here we offer some advice, suggestions and possible ways for you to interact with new groups of people. Hopefully leading to an expanded, post retirement social life.


Hobbies act as a very effective gateway for meeting those who share similar interests. If you currently don’t have a hobby, perhaps take a look at our article entitled ‘how to find a hobby that fits you

If you enjoy engaging in activities such as golf or dancing then these hobbies lend themselves very well to group activities, offering a means for social interaction.

Unfortunately most hobbies can be perceived as relatively solitary activities. However there are ways to involve yourself with groups that share these same pursuits.

‘Book clubs’ have started to become very popular. Usually they involve groups of people who read the same book, then meet for an evening to discuss it. Choosing another book for the following month and so forth. Make enquiries at your local library for information on book clubs in your area.

If you enjoy gardening at home, perhaps you could consider expanding to an allotment? There you’ll be able to meet and socialise with other likeminded gardeners that share the same passion.
Contact your local council for information regarding available allotment spaces.

If you enjoy simply going for a morning walk, perhaps with your dog, then there is the possibility for you to join walking groups. You can find information for walking groups in your local area and the various walking routes by visiting Walking For Health. By joining a walking group you’ll be able to socialise and meet new people that also enjoy the benefits of walking.

Perhaps you’ve spent a large portion of your life holidaying with others, or even if you haven’t, the thought of traveling alone in later life can seem daunting. However, more and more people are opting to travel alone, resulting in various travel companies now offering support.

For example, Just You offer single traveller packages, designed to support those who choose to travel solo.

On holiday you will be able to meet other people who are perhaps in a similar situation. Spending time together, enjoying the fantastic weather and local culture, you can maintain this friendship upon returning home.


Perhaps you still miss the feeling of leaving the house in the morning ready for another days work? Volunteering for local community projects not only offers you the opportunity to continue working, but also offers an excellent way for you to meet new people.

Check your local newspapers for information on available community projects.

The Internet

In this current age of the internet we now have access to connecting with like-minded people in similar situations. Facebook groups, forums and message boards can be the start of meaningful and supportive friendships.

By doing a simple internet search you will be able to find other post-retirement people within various internet forums and message boards. They will perhaps share the same likes and interests as you – leading to a new friendship connection.

At friendsforyou we are currently working hard to deliver a platform that should make this connection much easier, so stay tuned!
Although it can be difficult to socialise after retirement, it’s not impossible. As you start to utilise the suggestions above, you will eventually begin to meet new people. Many of which may become your very close friends.

Remember to check out our free forums where you can chat and connect with other people…

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