How To Be A Good Friend

In order to be surrounded by good friends, it’s important to become a good friend yourself. Sometimes we need a reminder about how to go above and beyond when it comes to our friendships. Here are five suggestions for becoming the type of friend you would be happy to have in your own life.

Be honest and trustworthy

For many people, trust is probably the most important aspect of any relationship. Therefore it’s crucial that you behave in an honest, reliable and dependable way. Be there for your friends when they need to confide in you and share their most personal secrets. Also be sure to reciprocate by showing trust in them. By demonstrating trustworthy and honest acts, your friendship together will grow stronger. Cementing a deeper connection.

Truly get to know your friends

On the surface, it’s easy to gain a basic understanding of people. Their likes and dislikes, where they work etc. But understanding your friends on a deeper level will allow you to become a better friend for them. What are their personal fears? What are their goals and aspirations? Developing a true understanding of who your friends are, will enable you to build a stronger relationship together.

Avoid the gossiping and rumours

A good friend should avoid listening to the rumours and judgements directed at their friends. In regards to gossip, before making any conclusions, talk to the friend involved. Find out their perspective on the situation. Stand with them and show support in the face of negativity.

Remember that nobody is perfect

Your friends, and yourself included, are going to make mistakes in life. Just remember that everybody deserves a second chance. Good friends learn to accept “sorry” and in return show acknowledgement and forgiveness. Accept your friends for who they are – the good and the bad.

Have fun together

With any friendships there are times to be serious and times to simply ‘let your hair down’ and have fun. Take the initiative and plan time together. Perhaps invite your friends around for dinner – or be more ambitious and organise a holiday! Remember that as friends, we’re there to provide the happiness in each others lives.

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What do you feel are the most important aspects of being a good friend? Comment with your thoughts below!

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