Good conversation topics

Good Conversation Topics

Conversations with others, can be tough for many of us and they can often end in bouts of awkward silence and an uncomfortable atmosphere. It can leave you at a panicked loss for words because you can’t think of something to say or a conversation worthy of starting with. It can happen with people you’ve […]

Confident Person

5 Things Confident People Don’t Do

Confident people cultivate certain habits, and these can help to bolster their confidence in themselves and in the things they do. They have an incredible belief in their own ability – hell if you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else put their faith in you? By the same token, they also avoid certain […]

How To Be A Good Friend

In order to be surrounded by good friends, it’s important to become a good friend yourself. Sometimes we need a reminder about how to go above and beyond when it comes to our friendships. Here are five suggestions for becoming the type of friend you would be happy to have in your own life. Be […]